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Spring racing: What are you wearing this season?

It’s that time of the year again – a time that all punters love more than Christmas, celebrities come to town and most important of all, a time for all the ladies to showcase their newly acquired fashion on the field. It is a time when you have an excuse to overdress, wear bright colours and don exaggerated head pieces you would not otherwise wear on the street. Over the recent decades, racing has evolved in many ways.  Traditionally it was a place only for the rich, famous  and the “colourful” – an elite circle of its own. The fashion was much more elaborate and restrictive in movement, and yet, the classic charm of the fashion of this by-gone era never wears off. This dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the scene at the racetrack in My Fair Lady still takes my breath away to this day.

It may seem too over the top for the 21stcentury, after all, it was a 1960’s musical! Nowadays, a day at the races has become much more inclusive. Spring racing is for everyone.  Whether you are invited to a corporate box drinking only the finest Moet, or you’re with the bogans wearing skimpy night club outfits and sneaking goon into the races, one thing is guaranteed – you will have great fun and dressing up is just the start! In dressing for the races, I have a few simple rules that I follow in matching my outfit:

  • Don’t wear the same colour head to toe (in saying that, three colours should be the maximum that you wear)
  • Be open to patterns and prints so long as the rest of your outfit is subtle
  • Black and white are always very stylish and classy, and it leaves you room to wear a really eye-catching and colourful fascinator
  • Make sure the fascinator matches your dress, never the other way around (unless you’re convinced that your fascinator is so gorgeous  that no one will look at your dress!)

Here are some of my picks for this season. Enjoy!

Dress: Camilla & Marc A simple dress in white with just enough glam so you don’t have to worry about jewelry!

Dress: Bec & bridge This season is all about patterns. This dress has really nice floral patterns in yellow and pastel tones. Match it with a fascinator carrying one of those shades!

Dress: appliqué lace dress from Witchery Lace on dresses is always a classic, feminine look. Dress this up with a big hat with big bows and some white pumps and voila! A 21st century My Fair Lady!

Dress: Cue This dress is an example of using black and white together to make a statement! The different shades of black and white are accentuated by the clever use of patterns. You can either go wild with ultra colourful accessories or stick to black and white to create a classic look.

So, what are you wearing this season?

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