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Introducing Design Zeitgeist


Zeit·geist  [tsahyt-gahyst]  

noun, German.

The word “Zeitgeist” literally translates to ‘Spirit of the time’. It is the intellectual fashion or dominant school of thought which typifies and influences the culture of a particular period in time.

And this is what Design Zeitgeist is all about. The brand has a vision to provide fashion that is relevant, reflecting current trends in high quality clothing at a price accessible to the general public.

The story

The Design Zeitgeist story started in 2009, when an Australian couple Melanie and Sunny was travelling overseas. Being interested in the fashion retailing industry, in their travels they noticed the amount of competition one is required to wrestle with before coming to the top, and only the ones providing top quality, unique designs and competitive pricing can survive. Being inspired by the best, the owners decided to bring this philosophy to Australia, in the form of Design Zeitgeist.

Design Zeitgeist offers a breath of fresh air in a market full of large chain stores which clog Westfield shopping centres and strip malls across the country. Being someone who has lived abroad, I tend to agree with their philosophy. Australia has a lot of chain stores and where you find one trend in one store, you tend to find at least 10 other variations of this trend adopted by other stores. Although there are some fantastic designers in Australia, the prices they charge for their designs are not so accessible, so it can be difficult to find something unique that will not break the bank.


The new Design Zeitgeist store in Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

This season – it’s all about pastels

In their summer collection, Design Zeitgeist have featured a large amount of pastels on their colour palette, which they pair with white basics. Their designs are simple and clean with a large focus on the right shade of colour, using light/sheer material. Check out some of the outfits I selected from their summer collection below:


Caitlin sleeveless shirt in peach ($69.95), Pamela tiered overlay shorts in peach ($59.95), Petra Choker Necklace Gold ($19.95) & Joan Plated Belt Aqua ($14.95)

Willow floral shirt and Mandy chiffon dress

Willow floral shirt and Mandy chiffon dress

Willow floral sleeveless shirt in green ($69.95), Mandy chiffon skirt with splits in pastel purple($59.95)

Katrina in Caitlin maxi skirt with splits V2

The lovely Katarina in Karen tunic blouse in white ($39.95) and Caitlin maxi skirt with splits in blue ($79.95) Petra Choker Necklace Beet Purple ($19.95)


Willow floral sleeveless shirt ($69.95), Ruby mini skirt in green ($39.95) and Trudy Pearl Collar ($19.95)


And check out their funky accessories below:


Tilda belts in multiple colours ($14.95)


Petra Hairband ($9.95), Assorted Bangles ($19.95), Assorted Earrings ($9.95), Neon Colour Pouch ($9.95)


Martha gold bangle ($19.95)

Right now they’re having their sales – up to 50% off! And their new season is due to arrive in February so stay tuned!

Design Zeitgeist

Paddington store:
50 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021
Tel: 02 9380 9553   Email:

Balmain store:
315 Darling St, Balmain
Tel: 02 9555 7267   Email:

Sydney City store (QVB)
LG-27 QVB, 455 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 02 9262 7714    Email:


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