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Necklaces – from luxe to less

There are so many things that are important in putting together an outfit. From choosing the clothing, matching the right colours to adding accessories; getting it ‘just right’ can sometimes take forever.

But if you’re like me, you may not be able to afford to spend so much time and effort (not to mention money!) in getting every single detail perfect every single time. Thankfully there are some shortcuts to making your outfit look stunning – wear a statement necklace! Although wearing necklaces is not exactly my forte, I really admire those who wear it well. Whether they are used to divert attention from an otherwise plain outfit or are worn as the centrepiece, one thing is certain: a good statement necklace can often add so much more to your outfit. The good thing is there is a big range available and you often don’t have to spend too much to get the look. I’ve pulled together a few pieces that have caught my eye, from luxe to less, so you can always find something – whatever your budget.

Statement metal chain necklaces – Luxe

Lizzie Fortunato rose_hall_443 euros

Lizzie Fortunato necklace (€443)

Iosselliani chain necklace

Iosselliani chain necklace (€275)

IossellianiC670:12SS 220 euro

Iosselliani chain necklace (€220)


Mimco necklace ($329)

Statement metal chain necklaces – Medium


Peeptoe necklace ($169)


Peeptoe necklace ($119)

Statement metal chain necklaces – Less

peeptoebeadsandcoinsnecklace49Peeptoe woven chain necklace ($59)


Collette stone and chain necklace ($14.95)


Collette metal chain necklace ($12.95)

Turquoise/hint of blue necklaces – Luxe

Ben Amun Necklace 420

Ben Amun necklace from Trilby Phoenix ($420)

Turquoise/hint of blue necklaces – Medium


Samantha Wills tapestry necklace ($199)


Peeptoe necklace ($119)

Turquoise/hint of blue necklaces – Less


Peeptoe necklace ($49)


Collette necklace ($16.95)

Multi-coloured necklaces – Luxe


Tiffany & Co heart pendant ($13,700)


Swarovski Raphaela necklace ($1,200)


Swarovski necklace ($425)

Multi-coloured necklaces – Medium


Swarovski necklace ($265)

Multi-coloured necklaces – Less


Collette necklace ($19.95)

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