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The perfect work bag

Over the last couple of weeks my friend Allie have been obsessed with finding the perfect work bag.

I must admit, finding the right work bag is quite a challenge. It has to be practical (it is a work bag after all) and it’s got to look good, and  it needs to match your work outfits since you’re likely to spend most of your days carrying that same bag.

My friend Allie had an additional dilemma. Here’s her story:

” The bag it was replacing was truly a bag after my heart – it was black with interesting details and had a classy chain handle.  The lining of my bag was hot pink – many a times in the office lift have I caught envious glances from other women as I opened my bag to reveal its lining and I must admit, the bag-envy expressions on their faces brought a smile to my face.

I was determined – my new bag had to be just right.  It had to be office-chic and functional,it should complement my work clothes and also add a small dazzle of personality to complete my look, and above all, it must not, must not, be a loud statement piece because I love wearing fun clothes and jewellery to work and they weren’t about to give way to a fancy new bag.

A mental list of “non-negotiables” started piling in my head:

  •   Bag must go with most work outfits
  •   Bag must fit A4 paper  ~ a pet peeve of mine is to bring reading materials home only to find them folded and crinkled
  •   Bag must have phone compartment
  •   Bag must not be heavy – it’s an accessory not a gym equipment
  •   Bag must not be so small as to require daily bag clean-ups because let’s face it, that was never going to happen.

Luckily, there is an abundance of choices out there. Whether you’re after a structured bag or something more fluid, classic black or trendy neutrals, matt and demure or fashionably patent, there is sure to be a bag out there to capture your heart.

Classic black – it’s all in the details


DKNY French grain shopper bag


Hobbs Polly Croc bag £199


Mimco Molten Hobo bag $499

Starighten the left verticle edge out a bit more so not as lumpy.

Oroton bag $895

Embracing neutrals

Sick of black but still want a bag that complements every outfit? Try a neutral tone to match your Kate Middleton pumps or warmer shades to wear with your caramel boots.

Oroton tan

Oroton bag $595


Zara bag


Milan Designing (available on Etsy) $99 USD

Oroton borwn

Oroton bag $795


Kate Spade Post street little nadine $458 USD

Summery pastels

How about something pastel to add some colour to the whites and neutral tones of your summer wardrobe?


Marcs Kelly soft satchel shoulder bag $229


Kate Spade Katherine street louise bag $438 USD

Collette bag

Collette bag $49.95

Classy and bold

For the girl who is up for making a statement with their outfit, why not let your handbag shine?



Bottega Veneta Bag



Review Kaylee Bag $99.95



Marcs bag $229

What do you think?

Do you go for the classics and keep it safe? Or do you  like something bold with a statement?

Is it more important to have the right size so it’s practical or getting the aesthetics right?

Do you use the one bag for work or do you tend to interchange bags depending on your outfit?

Let us know!

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4 thoughts on “The perfect work bag

  1. Great article! I have always found it hard to find the perfect bag to complement my office work environment. However, after reading your article, I think I will stick to classy and bold – you cannot go wrong with classics and timeless pieces!

    • Thanks for reading the post! Yes there are definitely many schools of thought in choosing the right bag, but I guess if you want to have something that will last for a long time and is very practical, it is always good to buy something that stands the test of time 🙂

  2. Leah on said:

    Thanks for the great article! I agree that finding a day to day work bag which is conservative but also complements your personality is hard. I really like the suggestions which include both designer and budget – I might have to drop by Marcs tomorrow afternoon.

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